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    Default Re: D&D 3.5 Alternative Experience System A La Riddle of Steel PEACH

    Quote Originally Posted by scarmiglionne4 View Post
    To further define a character’s driving forces and moral compass each character must choose at least three Character Paths but no more than five.
    It costs 2000xp to raise a character path to 2, 4000xp to raise it to 3, 8000xp to raise it to 4, and 16000xp to raise it to 5. This XP must all be in the character path to be raised or a NEW character path starting at 1 if the old one becomes obsolete, which costs 1000xp.
    Also you can move XP from a character path to general for use in leveling up, earning enhancements, and training.

    It is really open to interpretation as to bonuses stacking. If two paths somehow overlapped and the player was roleplaying appropriately, I could see my way to stacking them. I honestly don't care if the players are roleplaying. If a good story comes out of their alleged abuse I don't see a problem with it. Heroes do amazing things.
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