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    Default Re: D&D 3.5 Feats for Gritty Battle Options PEACH

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    TWF already takes too many feats. Adding several more to give another +1 is... unimpressive.
    You know, I totally agree with this. This was kind of a player's request.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    Barbaric Pommel Strike et al seem like an obvious choice for a monk, which might not be what you intended. Extra attacks are rather strong.
    Monks are not allowed in the campaign. You say extra attacks are strong. You don't think them doing non-lethal damage off-sets that? You have to be holding a weapon, so pure unarmed striking would not work. Perhaps I should clarify this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    Combat Reflexes, by my reading, is a feat everyone should take. An extra readied action for free means an extra action every round. This is too good. Hopefully I'm reading it wrong, in which case you should clarify it.
    Since I am not going to playing with attacks of opportunity, I wanted to have something that was like attacks of opportunity, but that did not already occur. I wanted it to emphasize tactical planning over automatic free attacks. Maybe have special restrictions on the readied actions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    Sniper is ok. Crit range expansion is kind of nice, but it's not overpowered.
    Awesome! I was worried about that one.

    Thanks for the critique!