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Thread: Monk Fix could this finally be it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    While I must admit that the title (question mark and all) did strike me as a bit presumptuous at first blush, you have really accomplished something here.
    Thanks. Coming from you, that means a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    1. As bobthe6th has put forward, I'm kind of surprised that this class doesn't get full BAB as quite a few other monk fixes do. While it may lead to a chassis that seems a bit overwhelming, it still seems odd not to give a front-liner (seeing as this class doesn't quite seem to be a skirmisher) full BAB. Is there any reason for this?
    With Wis-bonus to all attack rolls & damage results, and with the ability to gain defensive and offensive magical enhancements, it seems to me like the Monk catches up on the overall damage output.
    Also, this class has quite a few benefits that no other class offers.
    I didn't want to create a class that would make the Warblade seem weakling or my Warrior obsolete.
    This Monk is meant to play with the big boys in their sandbox, not drive them home sobbing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    2. One thing that you may want to consider is that the ability to enchant yourself as a magical weapon/armor kind of overlaps with the improved AC bonus and the enhancement bonus from Ki Strike (Stacking for really big numbers for the former and overlapping for the latter). I would personally suggest getting rid of the "extra" +5 weapon/armor bonus that you're granting through class features ...
    Good call. I missed that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    ... and simply letting the monk enchant themselves early on (preying to ancestors, channeling their ki, modifying their bodies, etc) as if possessing craft magic arms and armor (limited to their body and unarmed strikes), maybe without paying XP costs to do so.
    Wonderful idea.

    There should be some level-associated limit on how many powers a monk can accumulate in such manner. Do you have anything in mind for this ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    Though the monk would have to "buy" their enhancements with money (meaning that actual rewards would have to be sold for half price), the enhancements would also be crafted for half-price, kind of evening things out.
    Maybe I'm missing something here, but how does [No XP cost + 1/2 price] constitute "evening things up" ?
    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea. Since a monk can never sell such enhancements, no XP does even things up, but why 1/2 price ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    3. While Dedicated Dodge and Block-and-Slide are indeed martial-artsy, I'm not sure that I see a direct need for either ability. While its true that they provide active defensive options (as opposed the the more passive abilities) that are more easily compared directly to counters from ToB (either or both of which may have been things on your checklist), neither ability truly seems to fill some need that the monk had before. This isn't necessarily bad, mind you, but I'm curious about how you came to include them.
    As mentioned in post #12 (not that I expected you to keep track), I've encountered the Thief-Acrobat a few days ago.
    They are very martial-artsy and the 4 abilities I mentioned seemed very appropriate.
    Furthermore, even IRL, martial arts masters that focus all their attention on avoiding blows are incredibly difficult to hit.
    Plus, Block-and-Slide is something I've seen repeatedly in anime and given 9th level characters are not exactly human anymore, it seemed like a nice ability for Wuxia lovers without stretching credibility too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    4. Boundless Reach seems a bit confusing as Abundant Step doesn't mention anything about being stopped by walls of force and the like. Was the intention for Abundant Step that you simply move faster than people can perceive instead of actually teleporting?
    Abundant Step emulates D-Door, which is blocked by barriers that cross into the ethereal & astral.
    While my remake is no D-Door, it only seems reasonable to me that when just learning the secret of phase-porting, a monk doesn't get the power to ignore the higher end barriers. That comes later

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    5. A couple of restrictions on class features seem a bit odd from afar, especially with your stated goal of avoiding such recharge periods. First, as mentioned in previous posts, Quivering Palm isn't the most threatening of save-or-dies. As such, keeping any such restriction on uses per day (instead of, say, active quivering palms or uses per encounter) seems a bit odd. The original monk used similar restrictions, true, but they didn't even work too well back then. Looking at Temporal Ki Surge, an hourly recharge rate is pretty unique and I'm not sure why the traditional encounter recharge wouldn't work (unless you are simply avoiding encounter recharges because they are being done to death).
    Plus, encounter time is not defined well enough to coincide with the body's need to recover.
    Plus, in martial arts films feature as well as animated "Death Touch" was always a dramatic moment. It seems inappropriate to me for a monk to just spam death effects on every encounter. It certainly seems inappropriate for a monk to have more death effects usage than the most dedicated necromancer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    Finally, for foresight, you can probably make the effect continual.
    I thought of it, but it seems quite a lot.
    I'm no balance expert when it comes to near-epic levels which is why I need the feedbacks.
    Still uncertain here.