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    Default Re: Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition X Voting Thread

    Okay, here we go.

    1st: Defender of the North. It needs some cleanup and clarification before it's ready to see play, but I love the gift-giving mechanic-- he's like an Artificer, but cuddlier, punchier, and covered in ice. I want one visiting my PCs before a climactic battle-- we can re-enact that scene from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.
    2nd: Winter Warrior. I worked hard on it and I think that it's the best entry mechanically, but it's far enough from the contest concept that I don't want to vote myself 1st place.
    3rd: Sainesti. If I weren't already planning on ways to play a Winter Warrior, this would get my MLTSP vote. I like fey and I like freaky black blood and I love the antlers-- If I ever play one of these, it's gonna be a Guardian. I'm very sad to have to vote it 3rd, because this is the only entry that I could see in a published book.
    Most Unique: Winter Warrior, for the same reasons that I voted it 2nd place. I think it's well-made and it's a weird angle on the contest.
    Most Likely to see play: Winter Warrior. I made it because I like playing older characters. I smile whenever I roll an array with three odd numbers. And now, I get to play creaky old non-spellcasters, too!

    EDIT: Oh, and go right ahead, Attila, just shoot me a link when you make the character. Thanks fer sayin' nice things about it.
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