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    Former Characters:
    Escher, MHR (IC)
    Argent, M&M 2e
    The Gentleman, M&M 3e (IC)
    Evil-Smasher, M&M 3e
    William Hubris, Pokemon TA
    Solar, M&M 3e
    Hubris, M&M 3e
    Chairman, M&M 3e
    Arrol Gent, SW:SE
    Roulette, M&M 2e (IC)
    William Hubris, SoIaF RPG
    Butterball, M&M 3e (IC)
    William Alferdinck, Pokemon TU (IC)
    CopyCat: Aeon City (M&M) IC
    Paragon: Storm (M&M3e) IC
    Chrono: Clash (M&M) IC
    Hellhound: Untouchables (M&M3e), IC
    Zypher: X-men-ish (M&M3e), IC
    Sircophagus: Genesis (M&M3e) IC
    Chairman: Earth-1337 IC
    William Alferdinck: Kanto IC

    Yes, over half of my characters are named William, I like the name
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