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    In the Second Era the Divine of Nothing, Nihlus imbued a female raven with his pure Divine Energy, this raven immediate gave birth to a creature that was humanoid in form but avian in nature. The Murderers were her children. Once she birthed this race, the pain killed the mortal bird. This Raven, now known as Aves, ascended as the Divine of Birds.

    Despite Murderers often being called "Bird Brains", they are actually quite intelligent. They are generally pessimists, expecting the worst out of every situation. They are seen as cold, as they don't care about the dead because of their Necromancer-dense culture.

    They also have a knack for puzzles because of their swift thought pattern.

    Physical Description
    Murderers generally stand only 5 feet tall but their wings add slightly to their weight. Murderers actually have the physical traits of Newesti except for a few details.

    Glorious wings stretch from their bony arms. Their feathers are a blue so dark it appears black in all but direct sunlight. These feathers cover their bodies from head to ankle, except on their hands, feet, and on their faces. They have elven facial features, with the exception of their eye colour. Their eyes are normally purple, blue, red, or black.

    Contrary to rumour they do not have chicken-like legs. They have thin and lithe legs, similar to those of elves.

    Murderers are seen as a bad omen in North Karmainian culture. And as such are rarely allowed to stay at inns. Newesti normally are curious of Murderer's, because of their similarities in appearance. In dwarven and durzite culture Murderers are seen as creatures of myth, as dwarves rarely leave their underground homes. They get on well with Sarli as they are not only both shunned by Karmainian Culture, but also because they share their native land. They generally act indifferent to Kobolds seeing them as weak, but strange creatures.

    Murderers are normally Neutral, in that they see no reason to be good or evil. They do what they do, and that is all they morals they need.

    They live in the lands of Kratoa. The first known town of the murderer's was built into the side of the "Pits" at Everfall. That was decades before Karmainians even landed though so there was no Everfall to speak of in those times.

    They worship Nihlus, The Balancer, and his children. The Murderers see the children of Nihlus as their siblings, because of their origin myth. They also often worship their mother, Aves.

    They all speak speak Kratain and Trade Tongue. The Murderers were the first to use Kratoan and taught it to the Sarli. In their Kratoan they are known as Shadki and Murderer is simply their name in Traders Tongue and Karmainian.

    Their names are normally words in Kratoan relating to birds.

    Male Names: Archae, Rufous, Bismarck, Corax, Leucus, Ruficol,
    Female Name: Pteryx, Altai, Fiji, Albicollis, Mellori, Tasma
    Family Names: Raptor, Accentor, Artamida, Cerylida, Corvus

    Racial Traits
    • Shadki: Murderers are humanoids with the Shadki subtype.
    • +4 Int, -2 Str, -2 Cha Murderers are highly intelligent, but relatively weak as all their muscles are based around the wings. In addition their tendency for necromancy often causes uneasiness in others.
    • Medium: As Medium creatures, Murderers have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • Murderer's base land speed is 30 feet.
    • Dusk upon Wings: Murderers have a fly speed of 40 feet with poor maneuverability.
    • Fatherís Gift: Murderers gain the use of deathwatch as a constant spell-like ability.
    • Motherís Gift: Murderers have the ability to converse with Crows and Ravens as if subject to a continual speak with animals spell, and gains a +4 bonus on Handle Animal checks made to influence such creatures.
    • Language: Murderers begin play speaking the Kratoan and Traderís Tongue languages. Murderers with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Estilex, Infernal, Karmainian, Sumran, Turvani, Umbrese.
    • LA: +1


    Favoured Class Options
    Instead of receiving an additional skill rank or hit point whenever he gains a level in a favored class, a Murderer has the option of choosing from a number of other bonuses, depending upon his favored class. The following options are available to all Murderers who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the listed favored class reward.

    Binder: ?
    Cleric: ?
    Necromaster: ?


    Racial Archetypes
    Anima Unkindness (Binder)

    Class Features
    All of the following are class features of the Anima Unkindness.


    Vital Statistics

    {table="head"]Murderer Random Height and Weight| | | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|4'10"|+1d4|90 lb.|x (1d6) lb.
    Female|4'10"|+1d4|85 lb.|x (1d6) lb.[/table]
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