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    Classes of Keran
    The following are the base classes in the Blades of Keran setting:

    Power Sources
    Arcane (3)*
    Arcane magic flows into certain individuals who have innate connections to magic. Arcane magic is the most diverse form of magic, able to be used by different forms of creatures innately, though this allows it to be stolen by wizards.

    Divine (2)
    Divine magic is gained from belief and worship of the gods, and bestows power focused towards that of the patron.

    Geotia (3)
    Geotia magic allows it's users to manipulate souls, allowing them to form eldritch objects from those who have fallen. Normally only Outsiders can use Geotia, but mortals can learn to become Binders.

    Gramarie (2)
    Gramarie is a strange form of magic brought to Keran by the Kourman. It is more similar to a science than most other forms of magic.

    Martial (4)
    These classes are non-magical and gain their abilities from their talent.

    Monolith (1)
    These classes utilise the small amounts of monolith energy in existance to warp reality, though making an error while manipulating such magic can have dire results. To take levels in a Monolith class, you must have the Monolith subtype.
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