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    Hi Rakoa

    the feat is from Ghostwalk, unfortunately you have to have Galaedros as your patron deity, and he only gives Animal, Earth and Plant

    Circle Magic [General]
    You know how to use your connection to Galaedros the Wood God to channel magical power to another spellcaster of your faith.
    Prerequisite: Divine spellcaster with Galaedros as a patron deity.
    Benefit: You may participate in circle magic. You gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks.
    cite Ghostwalk - page 29

    The church of Galaedros has discovered the key to cooperative magic, which allows spellcasters to tie their powers together through their bond to the land and work more powerful spells than they could work as individuals. It is reputed that the church of Orcus is trying to develop its own form of circle magic, using frames of giant bones charged with negative energy, but it has so far been unsuccessful.
    To participate in circle magic, a person must have the Circle Magic feat (it doesnít matter if the participants are of different divine spellcasting classes, such as cleric, druid, and ranger). One participant stands at the center of the circle, usually the most powerful or experienced character present. The center character is known as the circle leader. A circle requires two to five participants plus the circle leader. All participants in a circle must stand within 10 feet of each other and must be in contact with natural earth or stone.
    Circle Powers
    The first use of circle magic is to empower the circle leader with the strength of all the participants. This requires 1 full hour of uninterrupted concentration on the part of all partic- ipants and the circle leader, during which time they attune themselves to each other through the conduit of the earth under their feet. Each participant casts any single prepared
    spell, which is consumed by the circle and has no effect other than expending the prepared spell. The spell levels expended by the circle participants are totaled as circle bonus levels. Each bonus level may be used to accomplish the following effects.
    1. Increase the circle leaderís caster level by one for every bonus level expended (maximum caster level 20th).
    2. Add Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, or Heighten Spell metamagic feats to spells currently prepared by the circle leader. Each bonus level counts as one additional spell level required by the application of a metamagic feat to a spell. The circle leader may add the feats listed to a spell even if he does not know the feat, or if the addition of the feat would raise the spell level past the highest level of spell the circle leader can normally cast (maximum spell level 10th).
    These effects last for 24 hours or until expended. Circle bonus levels may be divided up as the circle leader sees fit. For example, Selorian Firesinger leads a circle in which four participants each cast 2nd-level spells. Selorian chooses to use three circle bonus levels to maximize his flame strike spell, and five to increase his caster level from 10th to 15th level for all level-based variables in his spells. The maximized spell is used up when he casts his flame strike, and the increased level effect remains for the next 24 hours. Many high-level spell- casters of Galaedros in Sura-Khiri lead circles on a daily basis to better defend their lands against the yuan-ti.

    I have been looking at the OA Shaman as well to see if this can be achieved using that
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