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    Quote Originally Posted by vasharanpaladin View Post
    This. As far as the OP's concerned, if you want a watered-down drow, Player's Guide to Faerun has it, no need for homebrew. There is, quite simply, no point to this.
    Going to third this.

    Originally I was going to comment before Wolf_Haley, but I got kind of sidetracked, so I apologize in that regard.

    This race is honestly weak compared to the good base race choices that are out there and is comparable to the mentioned Half-Drow (which is terrible compared to the Half-Elf, which was pretty bad to begin with).

    Here's my crack at it and I'm going to be calling them Iliirans (after your character) or Surface Drow:

    Iliiran Racial Traits
    • +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Charisma: Surface Drow are as nimble and command the same presence as their subterranean kin, but being distanced from the radiation of the Underdark has "stunted" their minds, leaving them less intelligent.
    • Medium Sized: An Iliiran gains no special bonuses or takes any special penalties because of their size.
    • Base Land speed of 30 feet.
    • Darkvision: A Surface Drow's ability to see in total darkness has diminished by being raised under a sun, but they can still see outwards to 60 feet. This vision is rendered in black and white.
    • Magic Resistant: Iliirans may no longer be a stone in the flow of magic, but they do not erode easily before its assault. Iliirans receive a +4 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities.
    • Skilled: Having spent much time in contact with the surface races, especially humans, Surface Drow find that they excel when dedicating themselves to one niche over the course of their long life spans. They gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat. For every six hit dice the Surface Drow possesses, increase the bonus from Skill focus by +3.
    • Unique Rhythm: Iliirans lost their ability to trance as a side effect from the lack of exposure to Underdark radiation, but still do not tire as other races do. Iliirans are immune to sleep effects and only need to physically rest for one day out of every three they are active. An Iliiran still must rest 8 hours to regain cast spells and similar resources.
    • Weapon Aptitude: Along with many of their fabled traits, the Surface Drow lost their innate skill with the weapons that are infamously wielded by their darker kin. But their martial prowess could not be completely robbed from them, a proclivity still existing in their souls. A Surface Drow may select one weapon at character creation, which they are automatically proficient in. Additionally, they are considered as if having a Fighter level equal to half their total Hit Dice (minimum 1) for the purpose of qualifying for Fighter only feats that are applied to the selected weapon.
    • Languages: Common and Drow Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic)

    I took some liberties when crafting these guys (such as how trancing and such works), but I hope they're to at least someone's liking. It's been awhile since I did anything for 3.5 edition though, but I see these guys being LA+0 (other than the +4 against Spells, I don't think I gave them anything particularly good or useful that'd knock them into +1. You can always drop the Cha bonus after all).
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