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    Default Feat Chains- THF, SnB, Reach, & Single-Weapon [PEACH]

    As part of my project to rebalance the core classes, I've been trying to update the various combat styles and associated feat chains (or make new ones, entirely). Each combat style should have some noticable change or benefit compared to the others even without any feats.
    I was posting one style with each class, but my classes have gotten more complex, so I'm posting several styles here, seperately.

    These feats are intended for use in conjunction with my revised combat manuevers and my core class fixes (which get more feats). Some of them mention new features; I'll try to include short summaries where appropriate.
    Special thanks goes out to Seerow for helping to define several of the styles. If you don't like my feats or class fixes, he has a posting with shorter feat chains better suited to a non-homebrewed game.

    To help people understand and comment, I'll start with an overview of the basic rules of combat, which have recieved a few changes of their own.

    Basic Melee Combat Rules
    Any weapon wielded in one hand adds your full Strength modifier to damage rolls made with that weapon (including off-hand weapons). Any weapon wielded in both hands grants you 1.5 times your Str modifier to damage rolls.

    You can choose to wield a one-handed weapon in both hands and add 1.5 times your Str modifier to damage rolls, you also take a -4 non-proficiency penalty to attack rolls when fighting in this manner.

    Light weapons cannot be wielded with two hands.

    When using a light weapon, you may always choose to apply your Dex modifier to attack rolls in place of your Str modifier.
    This is intended to replace the weapon finesse feat.

    A shield's AC bonus also applies to your AC against Touch attacks.

    Reach weapons, such as polearms, cannot attack enemies in squares adjacent to you.

    Basic Combat Styles Summary
    Two-Handed Fighting- focused purely on dealing as much damage as possible with big attacks

    Sword 'n Board- defensive fighting with a shield and one-handed weapon

    Two-Weapon Fighting- a hybrid style which gives more attacks, coupled with a parry bonus to AC

    Single-Weapon Style- Hybrid style based on movement and combat manuevers
    I originally wasn't going to include feats for this because I couldn't think of what it's defining characteristic was. Then in another thread someone pointed out how iconic it was, particularly in movies, and while thinking about the Bard I decided this seemed like a good style choice for some of the less combat oriented or swashbuckling style classes.

    Reach Fighting Style- focused on battlefield control

    Ranged Combat- deals significant damage while remaining out of reach of counterattacks.
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