I find your prerequisites somewhat... disconcerting. The way you allow either a high ability score or a certain base attack bonus doesn't seem quite right.

Generally, a BAB prerequisite fixes a feat at a certain level. "You must be this tall to ride," essentially. It allows you to make a more powerful feat that wouldn't entirely be appropriate at low levels, and ensures no one below a certain level can get it, barring absurd shenanigans.

None of the ability scores you list are anywhere near out of reach for a first level character though.

Therefore, I find it rather confusing and inexplicable that say, a first level human fighter with 17 strength could pick up Improved Two Handed Fighting, Decisive Strike, and Crippling Strike... but a fighter with 16 strength would have to wait all the way to level 11 to pick up those same feats. What's the purpose of this?

Now, as for specifics...

Roar of Challenge- I do not like this feat one bit. The effect you grant is all kinds of difficult.
First, it's too vague. What is "attack to the best of their ability?" Where do they stop? Do they pull out all stops, up to using precious resources? Are all their actions focused on it, or do they only have to attack you once?
Also, depending on how you're going to interpret "attack," it can be even more troublesome. Does it have to be an attack action? What about a spell?
And what if you attack an enemy that doesn't want to attack anyone at all? Can they heal themselves, put up a buff, or run away? Or do they have to attack you, and that's it? You can basically lock someone down with this in crazy ways.
Plus, why do you have to have a shield to do this?

I think I see what you're going for here- you don't want people to just be able to ignore the tanky fighter. It's a good idea, but the execution ends up being like Iron Heart Surge. Darn fighters. You try and give them something decent, next thing you know, they're turning off the sun.

Shield Strike- So... if I full attack with a shield, I can make multiple attacks every round, all of which have a great chance of dazing my opponent? Enemy fortitude saves are high and all, but with the DC based on my BAB plus my strength, well... that's a better DC than the wizard can put out.
I'm suddenly picturing a bunch of fighters wielding two shields- one to defend themselves, one to smash people with.
This is strictly superior to any of the ToB daze/stun type strikes. You can do it multiple times per round. You can do it at will. It has a higher DC. And you can have it starting from level 1.
My recommendation is, make it at least a once per round deal, drop that DC to 10+1/2 HD+Str, and probably keep it out of reach until characters are a bit higher level.

Shield Wall- Scaling is cool, giant bonuses are not. The ability to grant a potentially +11 shield bonus to all allies within your reach is a little much, I think- without actually making it notably appealing. I advise trying to think of some other benefits the feat might provide instead of boosting armor class so drastically.

Two-Handed Fighting- Suppose your fighter has 18 strength. Normally, he'd add +6 to damage. With this feat, he adds +8.
So, it's +2 damage. It's weapon specialization, except a wee bit better.
It does have the benefit of scaling with strength, admittedly. If you go beyond 18 strength, into higher realms... lets say we have a Water Orc who has invested a lot of money into his strength and also all his level points. We'll say he gets up to 40 strength by level 20.
Normally, he'd deal +22 damage from strength. Instead, he deals +30.
So, it could add about +8 damage.
It's a pretty dry feat, and outside of some absurd strength bonuses, I'm not even sure it's very worthwhile.

Armor Buster- While I'm all for negating damage reduction, there are a lot of creatures without it, and the way you addressed making it useful against them is... well, I'd probably be taking this feat to fight against them. Adding 50% to my BAB is a hefty bonus.
Also, why no reach weapons? I honestly don't get that reasoning.
Also, the "including from natural armor" is redundant, unless you meant it ignores armor bonus, not just AC in general.

Crippling Strike- So if you achieve a critical hit with a keen kaorti resin falchion, you can deal 8d4 ability damage to basically any stat? No save, immunities don't apply. Even if you drop kaorti resin and just look a decent two weapon fighting critical focused build, this gets powerful really fast. The moment you get a critical hit, you've basically dropped that enemy. Everyone has a low stat. And it usually isn't too hard to guess it. Even if you don't guess it, hitting their main stat for double digit ability score damage probably will cripple them enough to end things right there.
For many fighters, this won't be reliable enough to be interesting. For critical focused builds though, I think it's too much. Consider disassociating this from critical hits. Make it a special kind of attack or something- something easier to control.
Also, again- why no reach weapons?

Harrier- That's a lot of unavoidable penalty to a lot of things. You basically prevent anyone from fighting while they're within in your area, and they can't do a thing about it. And also- all skill checks? Really? Seems a little bit too inclusive.

Lockdown- Holy crap! Again with the really high DC (DCs are based around 10+1/2HD+Stat or thereabouts- basing it on BAB basically puts it equal to level for a lot of builds, which boosts it significantly). Also, the effect here is pretty crazy too. In some cases, it'll just be okay. Wizard casts a spell, you smack them, oh well, they spent their standard anyway, not much difference.
But say a melee combatant enters your reach (that'll happen a lot), and you smack them, they fail. Whoops! No turn for them.
Using AoOs to stop movement is good. Disrupting spells or certain actions, okay. But having a high chance to completely turn off someone's turn? With all the ways there are to get AoOs out there... probably best stay away from that. Ratchet down that effect a bit more.

Stepping back and taking an overall look at things, I like what you're going for in a lot of these places, but I think you're consistently overshooting here, at least with all the non-entry feats. Of the entry feats, I like Reach Weapon Specialist most. It doesn't do much, but it adds a useful, non-numeric feature. That's the kind of thing you should go with for entry feats, I think.

I think you should also go back through with an eye for small details, to consider what really fits in and is needed. Do the prerequisites work like they're supposed to? Do the weapon requirements really make sense?

Lastly, really try and look to where these things can be broken. Making a scaling bonus is one thing- but does it eventually scale too far? Does a constant or unavoidable effect add up to too much when used in a reasonable scenario or build?

Anyway, hope this was helpful, though I'm afraid it's a bit heavy on the criticism. I do think you could use a lot of polish and rework here, but I admire what you're trying to do, and I think a lot of your basic ideas are good, even the execution can go a bit too far.