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Is there any evidence of Spell Weavers and Ethergaunts having any common history? Or are they from completely separate eras?
A fascinating question. While there is no evidence, and the two races are distinct enough that there should be no overlap, enough commonalities and mysteries exist that one could conflate the two. The figure for the collapse of the ethergaunt empire is given at ten thousand years, while the fall of the spell weavers is described as "millennia" or occasionally "centuries." You could certainly make a fine case for associating the two.

Are there any other "Ancient spell casters from the Prime" races?
Oi... that's going to take more time than I have at the moment. Ask me again later today.

What do outer plane inhabitants think of such creatures?
Outer Plane inhabitants mostly know little to nothing of either race; neither has much presence on the Planes. Ethergaunts are considered a curiosity and a possible avenue of alliance, trade or conquest by some evil outsiders, and those other forces concerned with the Ethereal Plane do not like them. Spell weavers are very mysterious; given the nature of the Disjunction, it is likely that powerful planar forces collected information on their work and locked it away to look over carefully at some future date.

Ethergaunt's possess "Technological" devices that mimic spells. Do these devices function on the Outlands near the Spire? If they do not, around what distance do they fail?
Tough call. There's no canonical answer. The Spire should distort anything that mimics a spell, at the same radius as the associated spell effect fails. On the other hand, the doubt bomb is a chemical weapon, and alchemical substances without a supernatural component are known to work near the Spire. I'd probably need to rule on a case-by-case basis, but of the two printed ethergaunt devices, both should function.

I know you are not an Eberron Person, but there is a type of aberration in Eberron known as a Daelkyr, who use symbiots and create other aberrations. Is there any place in Planescape where they would fit without obviously forcing it?
I am familiar with daelkyr. The obvious place for the shapers of flesh to hail from (along with their creations) is of course the Far Realm, but a case could be made for the Abyss, Carceri or Pandemonium without much effort. They could also function as entities of the Demiplane of Nightmares, horrific masters of the Deep Ethereal who collect victims to experiment on through the Border, or eldritch lords of the obscure, forsaken reaches of the Astral Plane.

I recall hearing the term "Fading Land", as something like a Demiplane. What precisely is a Fading Land?
A Fading Land is a mysterious phenomenon chiefly associated with the world of Oerth; a type of demiplane which intersects the Prime Material, in which the rules of magic may function very differently. Some of these appear to be divine realms, though whether they are actually annexes of the realms of the gods or hidden "secondary" realms is hard to pin down. Fading Lands are associated with powerful magic-users, though their rarity and obscure nature suggest that they are harder to work with/less stable than demiplanes shaped on the Ethereal Plane.

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In general, what outsiders do evil gods use as divine servants?
Whatever is available to them*. Devils, yugoloths, demons, even gehreleths sometimes, along with all the rabble between. Some deities, such as Lolth and Tiamat, have their own specialized breeds of baatezu or tanar'ri as servants (yochlol and abishai, respectively).

*in afro-canon, there is a race of evil angel counterparts known as anathemas who serve the evil deities in a similar way, but they are rare and most have sequestered themselves until the Blood War ends.