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It's no different from controlled access workplaces where you have to 'swipe in' to clock on.
It's quite a bit different, actually. Controlled-access workplaces do that because they have trade secrets or other confidential information that they want to keep from the general public. Schools have no such thing, therefore the purpose of a controlled access school is not the same. When you're doing the ID and tracking as either highly paranoid security or simply a way to electronically track your students it becomes invasive because the compelling interest of corporate confidentiality isn't there to balance it out.

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I also have no objection to prominently displaying ID - I've been on a number of facilities and sites where armed guards take an unhealthy interest in you if you're not clearly showing proper ID.
I personally would have a big objection for exactly this reason. Again, it's one thing to have a secure corporate or military site. It's quite another to suggest that all children in all schools should be tracked in the same manner or that armed guards could be taking an interest in anyone in a school who didn't prominently display ID. It strikes me as invasive and dystopian.

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With regard to the second link, in my opinion the girl is being somewhat selective in her condemnation of RFID chipped ID - I believe in the US, bank cards, driver licenses, passports and a whole host of other formal ID uses the technology.
A good test case for how strongly she follows her beliefs - if she objects to being referred to as a number, is she willing to renounce her Social Security Number and hence forfeit any benefits that she is entitled to?
She most definitely is being selective. Nobody at this point disagrees that the government can have numbers to track you for purposes of giving out benefits and administering programs. That people have a number does not mean they no longer have a justification for being angry when they're forced to wear a physical tracking chip every day associated with that number.