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    How is that helpful? In my experience, the students that wanted to be there were there. The ones that didn't just skipped class. And when the administrators dragged them into class, they made damn sure that everyone else knew they didn't want to be there.
    WRT the school with the student, according to wired, the primary benefit is for the school's budget.

    The school gets paid a certain amount of money for the attendance numbers. Attendance is normally taken in first class. The higher the attendance, the more state(or federal?) funding it receives.

    The problem is, according to the school, a significant part of the school population is not at their desks at the start of the first period. Legitimate or illegitimate, they are in stairwells, or late for class, or seeing counselors, or in the nurse's office, or smoking on the grounds, or what not.

    The school wants to be given credit, for the purpose of attendance numbers, not for the students at their desk , but for students anywhere on the school grounds.

    RFID tells them instantly how many students are on the grounds at any time, regardless of where they are. Count the dots, write that number down, turn it in, profit. Literally.

    It occurs to me that if a school has a serious attendance problem it has deeper issues that simply inventing a new ID won't solve. But then, I'm not in that school district.

    ETA: I don't like this for general use, but I'd like a more sophisticated version for a student with a medical condition. Something that locates him/her precisely and automatically presses a "panic button" if the student's vitals show that s/he's in big trouble. Tracking a person's body signals would definitely have privacy concerns so it would have to be voluntary, requested by the parents and assented to by the student.

    E AGAIN To Add: The original question I asked was whether anyone had direct experience with it. I thank the previous posters for their input, but I don't see that anyone so far has first-hand experience, which is what I was interested in.


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