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Team Composition:

The tier system completely ignores this ever present factor in D&D. Team composition is as important to D&D, as it is to E-sport competitive online games. Take League of Legends for instance, You see teams try to win by picking an entire group of mechanically strong characters. But they always lose to teams who pick characters designed to compliment a team strategy. The first team may have definably more raw power, but the synergy of the second group wins out in the end. It is the same in D&D. The tier system ends up functionally limiting the characters available to a player thus limiting the final possible team combos.
Pick any level of 10 or above. Make any team of 4 using Tier 4 or lower classes. I could give you a team who's composition is Cleric 10, Cleric 10, Cleric 10, and Cleric 10 that is simply better than they are.

There is a point where raw power beats synergy. You need both. Also, read the tier descriptions again. T1 isn't T1 only because of raw power. It is also that because of versatility. In fact they have such versatility that they can synergize with minimal coordination during creation.

Finally, the tier system does NOT limit characters available. DMs limit characters available.