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Prestige, Multiclassing, and the Bigger Picture:

The tier system examines the class as it is 1-20. It doesn't factor in the merging of 2 or 3 classes or the enrichment available through prestige classes. It doesn't look at the final build.
The tier system is a very rough estimate that isn't the be-all and end-all to talk about flexibility and optimization. There are tens of prestige classes. This complaint seems to amount to that rather than make a perfect system for every possible situation, that the tier system provides a set of useful heuristics. It would make even less sense to talk about every build because the main point of the tier system is what will happen given roughly the same amount of optimization.

But even at a very rough level it still works when including PrCs. In most cases, if a class is in a given tier, PrCs that it naturally fits with are in about the same tier. There are of course some exceptions. PrCs that lose a lot of caster levels can change T1 to T3- Green Star Adept would be one of the more obvious examples. And there are some cases where the tier itself doesn't change often, but going into a PrC almost always makes sense- the most obvious examples here is a sorcerer who loses nothing by PrCing into a fullcasting PrC.

You now run into campaigns where you lose a key component to a build because it is on a restricted list because some DM read this guide and is now on red alert for tier 1 classes. Or you get some pompous blowhard telling you about how your tier 5 will drag the group down and get everyone killed. ect, ect...
I'm curious. Have you personally experienced either of these happenings?