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    Default Re: Tier System for Classes (Rescued from MinMax)

    Quote Originally Posted by The LOBster View Post
    So, what about PF's tier list? I heard PF massively fixed Fighters, Rangers and Paladins while kinda screwing over Rogues.
    Fighter, ranger, and rogue are largely unchanged (fighter gets some bigger numbers, but I'm not sure if that's enough to make him even a 4. Ranger is now solidly tier 4, rather than on the edge between 4 and 5. Rogue is still 4). Paladin is tier 4. Lord_Gareth thinks paladins still aren't good enough (I agree, they still don't really have ways of dealing with the large amount of outsiders with flight and/or teleportation), Toapat thinks they're worse because of lack of splat support (3.5 had SpC and some good feats).
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