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    Default Re: Tier System for Classes (Rescued from MinMax)

    Currently playing one of said Human Sorcerers in PF, and I can vouch for the 20 more spells making them much more interesting. Plus, the Bloodlines offer nice perks too. But the inability to switch spell selection like a Wizard, Cleric or Druid would still confines them to T2 in my opinion. They have the raw power, but still not boundless versatility.

    Now, if we get into shenanigans like Paragon Surge + Expanded Arcana giving you spontaneous access to any spell on your class list for the low, low cost of a third level spell...

    Or crafting a Staff of Wish to use through Arcane Apotheosis...

    ... Yup, they can be made Tier 1. Just not right out of the box.
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