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    I weep for all the GM's and players who come here for help and instead get taught how to be prejudice towards classes. D&D is supposed to be a game that plunges you into a world of imagination and instead people around the world are standing around a table arguing over "tiers".
    I found the tier list before I even started playing and use it religiously. Classes that are within a tier of each other synergize better without the higher tier overshadowing the other, lower tier Class to much. Which makes it much easier for players and DMs to decide what their characters are going to be and what kind of game is taking place.

    In closing, this system is a blight. It does nothing good. It accomplishes no goals. It is seeped in misunderstanding and flawed logic. It causes class bigotry, gm to player friction, gm stress, and player stress. And I personally wish it would die in a fire.
    See, this is where we disagree. It makes players look at eachother's characters and think about how their own characters relate to eachother and he DM.
    At the beginning of my current campaign, I demanded that my players make a Tier 1 character, because I wanted them to become legendary gods. Players both accepted and are in a campaign that manages to keep them on their toes, while for the most part allowing them to show off why the Wizard and Druid are Tier 1.

    Edit: I'm wondering if/when the PrC version will be rescued. If it actually exists that is.
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