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Thread: Tracking students with RFID tags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brother Oni View Post
    Board rules prohibit me from replying fully, but in my opinion, recent events suggest that even a small attempt at security is better than none at all.
    Yeah, I thought that would come up. It strikes me as too high a price for safety, but others may well disagree.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brother Oni View Post
    Except that if you refuse to carry anything with a RFID chip, life in the modern western world gets very inconvenient indeed. Even withdrawing cash from a bank cashier by writing yourself a cheque (since you can't use the ATM with your RFID chipped card) can be problematic as banks tend to have strict rules on what ID they can accept and these all tend to have RFID chips in.
    I'm not complaining about RFID in general. They're super useful. I would complain if my bank started tracking me via my credit card everywhere I went. People made the same complaint with iPhones when they came out and were storing user data that showed everywhere you had been over a several month period. And they got the phones changed so they don't store that data anymore.

    Yes, it's true that our modern devices can and are used to track us all the time, either openly or secretly, and I'm okay with that. But when it comes out that somebody is tracking people, rather than just consumer habits, it's generally viewed as a bad thing that invades privacy and I agree with that view. For a school to openly say that they're just tracking all their students is something that I find upsetting.
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    Anarion's right on the money here.

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