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Thread: Tracking students with RFID tags

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    I've actually never been in a school with security cameras (except for some university laboratories, which don't count). I'm quite surprised to hear you say that most schools have them. Admittedly, having an ID tag isn't much worse than having the cameras as long as they're not tracking the students outside of school, but I'm honestly a bit troubled by the cameras as well, if you're right.
    Oh, yes. It's the latest thing in domestic surveillance. Of course, only the schools that can afford them actually have them. Interestingly, the schools are given funds based upon the students' attendance and academic performance, so gang-ridden urban schools, where a student is more likely to get stabbed, are the least secure.

    Edit: In any event, even if you wanted to confirm students' identity via RFID records, nothing prevents them from ditching the things.
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