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But Stun is the worse condition to be in; it's everything Daze is, plus and AC penalty and you drop your weapons. I don't mind changing either Daze and/or Stun to something else, but the effect should be on the worse fail IMO.
Daze is much harder for a defender to resist and much harder for an attacker to acquire, so an at-will daze effect is much more valuable than an at-will stun effect even if stun is the worse condition, if that makes sense.

Y'know, it's funny that you bring that up...
because I hadn't really decided which way I wanted to have it go. The way it's written now, it was INTENDED for the spells ranges to basically reset once it gets bounced back. If you think that really won't work, let me know.
Resetting the spell's range doesn't make much sense, as that would mean you're somehow magically boosting the spell's range to reach back to the caster when normally a spell just shorts out when it hits maximum range.

Ok, I don't see anything wrong with that, except why only on the first attack each turn? That actually seems to promote charging rather than letting them stand toe-to-toe and just make a normal full attack.
I was saying that I'd disallow charge-related stuff in my own material, not that you should disallow it here; the important thing is that it's not restricted to only charging. Ignoring all DR is too good for a constant benefit, so making it once per round lets you do it with a charge, a standard attack, a maneuver, or whatever else in addition to a full attack.

That works, but since I like rolling dice, how about 1d3 or 1d4 instead of a flat 2 points?
Go ahead; I was aiming for speed, but fun takes precedence.

I thought the feat wouldn't be exciting enough, but you're at least the second person to say they like it as is, so that shows how much I know, apparently.
"Exciting" and "worthwhile" aren't the same thing; the spiked chain is cliche and boring for trip/lockdown builds, but it's undeniably effective. You can add a side benefit to the feat for fun, but it won't be why people take it.

I would suggest simply not taking "Stand Still" at first level, but I'll see if I can't come up with an alternate option as well.
The problem here is that your feat is strictly superior, but if someone wants to lock people down for the first 5 levels they need Stand Still, so they'd have to choose between waiting to do your job or having a wasted feat.

I have no objection to making changes, but how exactly is this an improvement? Bullrush is pretty much just a strength check anway; the only difference seems to be that it has a modifier based on size (which I can add to mine, if you think its a good idea).
The only possible benefit I see is allowing the Imp. Bullrush feat to also add to your check, though with a boost equal to BAB that hardly seems necessary.
It also synergizes will all the other things that key off bull rush--Dungeon Crasher, Shock Trooper, and Combat Brute being the biggest ones. It's not the size of the bonus that matters, it's that synergy.