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    Default Re: Feat Chains- THF, SnB, Reach, & Single-Weapon [PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by PairO'Dice Lost View Post
    Daze is much harder for a defender to resist and much harder for an attacker to acquire, so an at-will daze effect is much more valuable than an at-will stun effect even if stun is the worse condition, if that makes sense.
    It makes sense mechanically, though the fluff feels weird. It seems like it should be progressive, lots of dazing immunity, some stunning immunity, etc etc etc, as the conditions get worse.
    But I didn't write the Monster Manuals.

    How about if I add a line saying that "any creature immune to stun is still dazed"?

    "Exciting" and "worthwhile" aren't the same thing; the spiked chain is cliche and boring for trip/lockdown builds, but it's undeniably effective. You can add a side benefit to the feat for fun, but it won't be why people take it.
    I'll keep that in mind while I continue to brainstorm for a "fun" addition.

    The problem here is that your feat is strictly superior, but if someone wants to lock people down for the first 5 levels they need Stand Still, so they'd have to choose between waiting to do your job or having a wasted feat.
    I've added a note under the "special" section that anyone with Stand Still can trade it for this feat when they hit a high enough level.

    Edit: I've done the same thing for Shield Strike/Improve Shield Bash.

    It also synergizes will all the other things that key off bull rush--Dungeon Crasher, Shock Trooper, and Combat Brute being the biggest ones. It's not the size of the bonus that matters, it's that synergy.
    Ok, I can see that. If I let it trigger off of every attack though, you don't think that will make it too powerful? Should I limit it to just regular attacks and not AoO?

    Update: I forgot to respond to this comment initially.
    Here's a possible idea: While someone with Block and Parry is wielding a shield, they may use their Str instead of Dex for AC if it's higher, and when targeted by a melee attack they may expend one attack of opportunity to add half their BAB to their AC against that attack.

    Str instead of Dex represents actively pushing attacks away more than dodging, spending AoOs uses an existing resource and integrates better with other feats, and just adding to AC keeps the advantage of AC as a static defense instead of adding more rolls. As it is, BAB+shield bonus is highly unlikely to beat the attack rolls of near-level opposition since you're missing out on weapon enhancements, Str, buffs, and other bonuses, and just rolling opposed attack rolls at will is too time-consuming and swingy, so increasing your existing AC is probably a better route.
    I like your justification for adding Str to AC, but for the rest I was trying to do something that would let tanking-style players feel as if they where being more active in their own defense, instead of just boosting passive stats.

    Your idea does seem like it would be effective though, so let me think about it a little more.
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