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It makes sense mechanically, though the fluff feels weird. It seems like it should be progressive, lots of dazing immunity, some stunning immunity, etc etc etc, as the conditions get worse.
But I didn't write the Monster Manuals.

How about if I add a line saying that "any creature immune to stun is still dazed"?
That would work.

Ok, I can see that. If I let it trigger off of every attack though, you don't think that will make it too powerful? Should I limit it to just regular attacks and not AoO?
Only regular attacks would be good.

I like your justification for adding Str to AC, but for the rest I was trying to do something that would let tanking-style players feel as if they where being more active in their own defense, instead of just boosting passive stats.

Your idea does seem like it would be effective though, so let me think about it a little more.
Perhaps if they imposed a penalty to the opponent's attacks instead of increasing their own AC? The main concern is to not bog down combat by adding an extra roll to every attack against the tank.