Ok so i'm about to run a rise of the runelords game. One of my characters wanted to do a undead summoning necromancer. I told him that was prolly a poor choice due to being in a town most of the time and the CG cleric we are going to have. He was highly disappointed becuase his end-game was going to be geared toward becoming a lich.

My answer was this:

Start off as an asimar sorc (he wanted to be sorc from the start) and take the celestial template.

Towards the end of the first chapter is of rotrl is an asimar that is trying to become a succubus (my pc doesn't know this) and I'm going to make it to where if they make it that far he can take her notes on her ritual and start the reverse process of what the npc wanted to do.

I am going to add the half celestial template to him.

Now the anti lich part i am curious about is at higher level what should I do? I was tossing around making him either an azata or an archon but i'm not sure what alignment he is going. What if he goes neutral? Has anyone tried to do something similar and if so how did it turn out/what did you use? Any help or advice would be really helpful and appreciated.