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    They say time flies when you're having fun, but this? No, it can't have been a full year that I've been on GitP. Really? Huh. Well, then, to celebrate: BADLY NEEDED UPDATES TO ALL LPs!

    Chapter 6: Victims of War, Part 3

    Eirika glanced down to the shining metal on her wrist. A birthday present from her father, given to her all those years ago. And now Seth was telling her that it was the key to the greatest treasure of Renais.

    We must hurry to Renvall!

    A whoosh of wind blew into Eirika’s back, and she turned to find Vanessa and her mount behind her.

    Vanessa, is the girl safe?

    Vanessa hesitated, and Eirika began to feel that something was not right. Then she noticed how pale the sky-rider was, as she silently moved her lips before finally managing to choke out

    Princess Eirika… The girl’s… parents are safe…

    The words hit her like a dagger. Or rather, the words left unsaid.

    You… you don’t mean…

    There was… a soldier in the fog. I left her alone and went to get her parents… and he…

    They stared into each other’s horror-struck eyes, crushed under the enormity of their failure, before Eirika felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned to see Seth.

    Your highness, there is nothing more we can do here. We must move on.

    Seth? How can you say that? The-

    Princess, we cannot bring back the dead. Her parents do not desire and will not accept your condolences. We cannot bring them with us, nor can we spare anyone to escort them home. It is a terrible situation, but we must leave them to find their own way to safety. I am sorry, Princess Eirika, but there is no other solution.

    The princess of Renais hung her head. I… I… Damn it! she chocked out. Why did this happen? What led Grado to begin this madness?

    Princess Eirika, I do not have the answers you seek. But I do know that we will learn them, even if we must drag them out of Emperor Vigrade with a sword.

    That… That sounds like a plan to me.

    Characters that speak in this chapter:

    From an editorial standpoint, I think this is my best chapter: plenty of dialogue, variety in images, and character development instead of an endless montage of stuff dying.

    However, from a gameplay perspective… Yeah… I don’t know how I pulled through that one without loosing anyone, not counting the little girl, for who’s death I blame a combination of personal forgetfulness and a stupidly bloodthirsty AI.

    Next Chapter:
    I have a seize objective to which I may bring 10 units. I am thinking of bringing Eirika, Seth, Franz, Vanessa, Ross, Neimi, Colm, Natasha, Joshua, and either Artur or Lute.

    Performance Review:

    Artur has average HP, below average Mag, average Skl, average Spd, Above average Luck, above average Def, and above average Res. I can live with someone who makes 2 15% rolls in 3 levels.
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