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    Default Re: D&D 3.5 Feats for Gritty Battle Options (Golden-Axe/Sieken Densetsu) PEACH

    Quote Originally Posted by SowZ View Post
    I would suggest that unarmored might should be useable with one handed weapon, upping the Str mod to 1.5 from 1. Otherwise, it further encourages the ubercharging greatsword guy as the only viable damage dealer.
    That could work. I may do an either or kind of thing, because greatswords are rare because steel is hard to come by. The closest thing available is this big wrought-iron beast.

    Cleaver Sword
    Using a cleaver sword in combat incurs a 4 penalty to attack (cumulative with the penalty for not being proficient with the weapon, if applicable) due to its strange balance. Cleaver swords are balanced for chopping from an overhand position, rather than complicated combat maneuvers. Anyone with the Martial Weapon Proficiency and a Strength score of at least 14 who takes an Exotic Weapon Proficiency in this weapon ignores the 4 penalty for using it.
    Cleaver Sword: Large Martial Weapon; 1,500 trinkets; Dmg 1d12; Critical x4; Range ; 18 lb.; Slashing.

    I am tweaking those unarmored feats. Armor is hard to come by, but I still have not succeeded at sweetening the no armor deal enough to make it a viable option, especially with the Massive Damage Threshold rule from Thieves' World that I plan to use.