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Automatic resurrection is amazingly powerful, especially since the penalty is reduced to 2 charisma burn, which can be healed with single day of bedrest. You get Genesis as a class feature at level 15, which means infinite gp at level 15.

Also, where is Lesser Miracle from?
Once per day auto-res doesn't seem that impressive to me, particularly not when they're coming back at CL hit points and about half of remaining spell slots (level 13) or even half hp (level 17). It's not particularly hard to just kill them twice. Yes, they suffer 2 Cha Burn from it that they can recover in the morning, but that also makes them a worse spellcaster and makes the rest of their class features less appealing until that time. It mostly prevents the loss of a character more than it prevents the loss of the mission.

The genesis equivalent does grant them infinite money, but they already had that via plane shift to the elemental mineral plane. Or PaO tricks at level 15 for those with the Trickery domain. Whatever you were using to deal with your players not doing that already will work here as well. And infinite money isn't even a T1 trick so far as I know.

Lesser Miracle is a custom spell. I'll see if I can get permission to put it up here. If I can't you can think of it as equivalent to lesser wish but with a preference for divine spells instead of arcane ones. Thanks for pointing it out though... I should probably see if there's other custom ones in the list that I need to talk about.