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Immortal lets them get old, just never pass away. It's a really toned down version of the immortality that other classes get as a capstone, so I thought it worth dropping a few levels. I think it's an entirely fluff ability and don't think it likely to ever be relevant in a game, but if you have specific concerns I'm willing to tweak it a bit.

I don't think undying cheapens anything honestly. It's a save for the class that is supposed to be saving everyone else, and a reasonable backup IMO. Do you have any specific complaints about it or lesser demesne, or just not a fan based on preference?

Remove curse was an error, thanks for catching it :-).
Immortal it seems like an ability that many classes seek to achieve, ie higher level. I'm not opposed to the ability, simply gaining at mid levels.

Undying already cheapens death when the plethora of raise options already start doing that. At least I feel it should be a higher level ability.

Just the standard abuses of lessor Demense.