I've tweaked the wording of lesser demesne and reduced the size (to better line up with genesis). You can still use it for infinite money tricks, but only if your deity (read: DM) okays it.

I don't think I'll be tweaking undying at all though. I forgot to mention this before, but it's important to note that the 13th level version keys off of raise dead. It still requires a corpse and it doesn't work against [Death] effects. There are plenty of ways you can kill a priest without triggering the ability if you want to (disintegrate, finger of death, etc.). You have fewer options with the 17th level resurrection version, but I'm even less worried about getting to come back once a day at that level. Both versions are also (Su), so you can just kill them in an AMF if you really want to (which you may want to do anyway, since they're a low BAB full caster now, and that's a bad time for them).


I know it's longer and changes a lot more stuff, but did anyone have any comments on the templar?