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    Waldemar Frost

    Waldemar Frost
    Reaper of Nightmares

    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Size: Medium
    Height: 5' 2”
    Weight: 100lbs
    Hair: Black-brown
    Eyes: Grey/Violet

    Waldemar is very well kept, taking time to groom his appearance before being seen by others. His hair hands to his shoulders, but he almost always keeps it slicked back. His skin is very pale from spending much of his time indoors or in the dark. He frequently dons a black pea coat over top of a dark purple dress shirt tucked into black jeans. Inside of soulscapes his eyes change to a violet hue, and his hair is always let down to cover his face.

    PL 8
    120 PP

    Abilities - 25
    Str 11
    Dex 15
    Con 13
    Int 18
    Wis 15
    Cha 13

    Saves - 8
    Toughness: 2 = -- + 0 + 2
    Fortitude: 2 = 2 + 0 + 2
    Reflex : 3 = 3 + 0 + 3
    Will : 6 = 3 + 0 + 3

    Combat - 16
    Defense : 18
    Initiative : +3
    Melee Attack : 4
    Ranged Attack: 4
    Hero Points : 1

    Feats - 3
    Fearsome Presence
    Sneak Attack


    Skills - 12
    Intimidate – 12 Ranks
    Stealth - 12 Ranks
    Bluff – 12 Ranks
    Gather Information – 12 Ranks

    Powers - 61
    Soulscape Control – 6 Ranks, 36 Points
    Death Touch – 25 Ranks, 25 Points


    Addiction to spirit energy - +3
    Glass Cannon
    Physical Touch required to use soulscape command - +3

    Ever since his birth, Waldemar's life has been plagued with tragedy and loss. His mother died in childbirth after he and his twin sister were born. Their father blamed them for her death and frequently abused, both physically and mentally, them as a result. His twin sister, Rosemarie, received it more than he did though, since she was born a few minutes after him. When they were seven years old, their father beat Rosemarie to death in a drunken rage. Waldemar reacted by attacking his father, biting and scratching at him. As a result of the physical contact, he entered the soulscape of his father, and tortured him to death. For almost a year afterward he continued to go to school, living on the streets of Berlin, until people began to question the “disappearance” of his sister and father. Waldemar stowed away of a ship headed to New York when he was eight, and has lived there ever since. The only object he considers his is a small golden locket with a picture of his late sister that is always on his person.

    A desert where the sand is formed from obsidian. There are frequent sand storms that birth whirlwinds of the glass-like sand, which can prove deadly to those not in cover. The sky is dark violet in color with a black sun which gives an appearance of eternal night with heat of the day in the Sahara. When the sun sets, horrid creatures born from the blackest of nightmares emerge from the sand to devour intruders. There is a lone tower that provides safety from the heat and the monsters, though finding it is extremely difficult. Something inside the tower keeps the monsters away, keeps the heat out, but finding it endangers all those inside.
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