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What can you tell us about the prime material world of Ortho?
Very little, I'm afraid. It's a distant Prime world; not on any of the usual Flow routes. When I say distant, I mean really distant - it's not on the orders of magnitude of some truly alien races, but... well, let's see.

Ortho is off the Arcane Outer Flow, itself a rather distant flow river. It's not as far off as some truly segregated worlds, but it will still take 13d10 days of navigation to get there from the AOF. To get an idea of what sort of distance is involved, if you departed from Realmspace (Toril), you'd be looking at a solid year of travel on some large flow rivers to get to the point where you'd launch off of normal routes to get to Ortho.

It is, of course, the Material Plane world that gave rise to the Harmonium, which is why you're asking in the first place. Unfortunately, it is largely undocumented beyond its placement on the star charts and its mention in that role. It is suggested that it's a world dominated by lawful neutral individuals and governments, with lawful good and lawful evil both represented in numbers and chaotic individuals few and far between and quite displeased with the world on which they find themselves.