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    Well, here we go then.

    Micro Goblins - A race of even smaller goblins that don't have that nasty temper you normally find on the green folk.
    Draco in Leather Pants - A race of men that have collectively reached terminal beauty point and can get away with anything because of it.
    Studious Gnomes - A race of gnomes that quickly developed inside a library during a few centuries of mooching off an illusionist.

    Base Classes
    The Bow Shaper - My take on a reworked and 20 level soul bow. Normally archery sucks, I tried to make it suck less.

    Walking Library - Gives Intelligence without LA

    Prestige Classes
    The Dread Mind - Psionic Necromancy as it currently stands.
    The Plated Guard - For when you really don't want to get hit, could use some more critiquing.
    The Bound Scholar - A Binder PrC that lets you get a hefty bonus to one vestige, I feel that I made this one pretty solidly.
    The Weaponthane Ascendant - An Evolutionist PrC that focuses on becoming one with their blade and cutting things really well.
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