"Much obliged, friend", Cipriano answered with a smile as he took a seat in the half-orc's company. Not waiting for the calmly-speaking fellow to pick up his own stein, Cipriano already had his on his lips, drinking deeply before setting the mug down.

"I have to say, you had some moves back there. Heck, I had about as much chance of winning that as convinving Cayden to lay off the hooch", the young priest laughed, clearly trusting that his patron god - the joyful, laughing, mercurial mercenary-turned-deity - wouldn't mind a friendly jape.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced, though", he continued, extending an armored hand. "Cipriano, of Magnimar. I think I saw you in the caravan on the way here, but never caught your name, ser...?"