"Thank you. My name is Sirus. Of... Taldor."
"In truth, I have never. Tried. These moves. In that way, before. It is good. To know. That I can.

Sirus takes a small sip out of the offered tankard. Civility and cordiality are the bones of society.

"But I am sure. That the moves. You actually wanted to try. Were very successful. " A rather imperceptible nod to a group of giggling girls who steal glances at the handsome young cleric.
"Thus. I am surprised. And of course honored. That you did not offer a tankard. To the other victors. Though, I would not. Recommend. Trying it. At the Glaring Tho-Uruk lady"

While the face remains impassive, some slight lines of tension seem to fade as Sirus talks with the charismatic young man.

"Would you care. For some honey and fruits?"