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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    I can not believe I made such a fool of myself, Setsuna sighs again and wanders in the same direction as the girl who was pushed into her before half out of a general desire to move and half for wishing to apologize for bumping into the girl who ran off before she could open her mouth.

    Catching a whiff of some of the local beverages, Perhaps I should have had a few drinks after all, I might not have been so stiff.

    Edit: (Missed the last line in the description, rolled a 2 perception check that didn't need rolled to spot Red and Rico's table ((1d20-1)[2] since the thing seems to be making a fuss about not matching the database))

    Setsuna makes her way over to the girl and her half-orc companion, drawing her attention with a light tap on the shoulder and polite smile, "Good evening, sorry for bumping into you a moment ago, it was more my fault than your own." She gives a slight bow, "My name is Setsuna, might I ask for yours and your friend's?"
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