Setsuna tenses slightly as the half-orc gives her a cursory inspection and returns the gaze, noticing the bulging muscles and instantly recognizing the look of someone who has been through more than their fair share of fights and come out on top. She's on edge, I wonder if this town has had trouble recently or if I just look that out of place? Once the mutual inspection is finished she relaxes, glad to talk to someone who doesn't spend every moment either glaring at or ogling her.

She moves to sit down at one of the empty chairs next to Rico, still smiling politely. "Thank you, Rico-san, and well-met indeed, and to you, Red-san.

She speaks like a brute, but gruff or not at least she's kind to strangers, if a little suspicious of them.

Deciding to answer the half-orc's question anyway, she responds, "Your question is perfectly fine, and you do not have to worry about me having any weapons, this katana is the only blade I have. As you have seen, I am somewhat lacking in places in which one can store weapons," she answers the question with a light chuckle.

After Red speaks up, she is shy, isn't she? Setsuna turns to her to answer her inquiry, "As a matter of fact, I am. I only arrived early today, and when I found out about this charming festival I could not help but take part, though I think I only made a fool of myself...What of the two of you?" She glances between Rico and Red, "Is this your home? And is there a reason why you are worried about hidden weaponry, if you do not mind my asking?"