A deputy? Well, that explains why she's so cautious even while off duty. That dedication is impressive, she looks to Rico with an approving glance before returning her gaze toward the shy human.

She nods, "I am, yes, though I left my home a long time ago and have not been back."

She looks over the fit red-headed woman noticing the rosary on her wrist, but not quite able to place her heritage, the red hair throwing off the Tianese facial structure. She subconsciously moves her hand to her katana as she thinks of home, has it really been two years since I left? It seems like a life time.

"From a small town in the Ikkaku Peninsula to be more precise. I've been traveling the world ever since I left, though I am still trying to adjust to this country's customs. She smiles warmly, trying to give off a friendly air that her new acquaintance would be comfortable in, "What about you, Red-san? Where do you and your charming red hair hail from?"