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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    Rico merely grunts and takes a bleary-eyed swig as she takes in Setsuna's words.

    Yyyyeah, drive it in, why don't you?

    She nods at Red's answers and says, "Aye. Wot she said. Whaaahhhyy? Because ITSCH mah jaaahb. Keepin' dah peace an' dah ordah. Deh Laaaaauuuuwwhhhh is mah laayfff and mah 'onahr. Dat and... yew look like yew been onna travels a lawt, seh, stannnss tah reesen yeff done yer farr bit o' suhrvavven."

    Frowning deeply, she says into her stein, "Why check? Better safe'n sorry, eh?"

    She returns Red's gesture with a tap of her own--- Hrhmm. One thing there, being friendly's that bit easier without armour nor gauntlet. Don't want to be hurting her with courtesy now, do I?

    BAH. A foreigner's unpopular tunes still be better'n a traitor snitching bitch of a minstrel... grr... Rico juts her chin at Setsuna then glares in the direction of the tavern's minstrel's stage. "Iffen yer wond'rin, Red... she came. She sang. Wuzzent 'alf-bad, then again, ye knows meh ears. Rotten crap wuz flying, hadta bail 'er out with a table-shield. Pff. People, eh?"

    Belatedly, she realizes that either she must have been rambling over the others... "BAAAAHHH. Sorreh 'bout that, y'all."
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