Charming? That wasn't what people usually said. Her father had always muttered something about red hair and demons. People who had seen her fight sometimes made fun of her for it. Even Rathi had teased her a little too, that her hair was the same flaming colour as fox fur in summer, and that if she were to ever get lost in snow, she'd be found in no time at all.

All the same, Red can't help but blush slightly, rubbing the back of her bare neck. "Uh... I'm from here. Varisia. Don't know which part of Tian-Xia my... father comes from."

Even now, the mention of her father leaves a sour taste in her mouth. Rico's mention of the afternoon's escapade, however, manages to raise a quiet chuckle.

"...Yes, I know. I liked the song, actually. But the table was fun. ...We should try it again. This time... I do the singing." At the prospect of mischief, Red's dark eyes gleam the colour of warm brandy on a cold night, almost daring Rico to say something.

GM Post

At this point, a sharp retort like the crack of distant thunder slices through the gathered crowds. A stray dog that has crawled under a nearby wagon to sleep starts awake, and the buzz of conversations around you quickly hushes. Those who turn their heads towards the central podium behold Father Zantus, the local Desnan cleric, clambering atop the stage. It seems that it is just about time for the re-consecration of the church to begin.