All of a sudden Cipriano could feel the hair in the back of his neck shoot up. Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed the drunken half-orcess giving him the death stare across the crowd. Hafta be careful with this one, the young cleric contemplated. This one's out to get me. She already had earlier that day, after that one Sandpoint local had suffered a most unfortunate choleric bout due to Cipriano's involvement with his daughter. It had all been quite innocent (mostly because the girl's bodice had been laced as tight as a padlocked strongbox), but try telling that to a man who was convinced you had ravished their little girl. It had taken every bit of guile and goodwill from Cipriano's part to convince the father and the half-orc deputy not to throw him in jail for the festivities... and he intended to keep the situation that way.

Besides, the girl had mentioned she had a sister...

"Ah, speak of the devil", he laughed to Sirus. Just when he had mentioned the town minister. "Shall we go and have a closer look? I've always found the rites and rituals of the Song of the Spheres quite interesting..."