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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    HP 9/9

    Sirus stood totally motionless as the local priest started his speech. He had been trained in patience. Perhaps the most valuable training he had ever received.

    The scream cuts through his senses, as the very distinctive sound of a woman screaming is heard. Sirus turns completely, searching for the source of the noise. He sees, almost in slow motion, the crowd disperse, as the figure of a goblin races through the crowd. Sirus 's thoughts race.

    A goblin? Alone? Here? Impossible!

    And suddenly, the dream is upon him. The flames, the screaming, the malice, the butterflies dispersing in the air...

    This is it!

    Sirus starts racing to the goblin. He needs answers. He is very good at getting answers. Especially from unconscious opponents.


    Perception take 10 for a total of 19.

    Initiative (1d20+4)[6] if you don't roll them
    Move action and attack or double move and charge at the goblin. Non lethal unarmed damage, for interrogation later.
    Atk FoB (1d20+3)[21] and (1d20+3)[18]
    Dmg (1d6+4)[9] and (1d6+4)[9]

    EDIT: It seems the second attack may not be needed. If there is another opponent nearby and has been spotted, the attack is directed at him

    A few feet before the goblin, Sirus suddenly pivots and changes direction. He can feel his ki inside him, gathering like a wavefront and focusing at his hands. The goblin 's defenses still aimed at a different trajectory, it leaves itself open for Sirus' fingers, hard as steel, to knock its skull.