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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    HP 22/22
    AC 17/19

    "HRHMM." grunts Rico in a pleased undertone at Red's scheme. "Canny. Though... though... HRHMM. Daaaaamn you're canny when ye put yerself to it, ye know that?"

    When the scream cuts Zantus' speech short, there is little shock on Rico's part, only a guilty sort of vindication swiftly giving way to a tide of wrath for this incursion upon her adopted hometown. Humh! Goblin. Where there's one, there's certainly more.

    Already moving, she seizes the closest small but sturdy table, tucks and braces its stem under her left armpit, holding its top as a shield. Tankards and trenchers topple to the ground even as naked steel now gleams in her right fist, the holdout shortsword unsheathed.

    Her strident voice attempts to rise rings above the crowd's panic... "KEEP CALM! THOSE WHO CANNOT FIGHT, MAKE FER YER HOMES AN" LOCK "EM TIGHT! CALL THE GUARD! ALL ABLE-BODIED BUGGERS A-Y"ALL, TO ARMS, YE LAGGARDLY LOT! ORDERED RANKS, TRAYS AND KNIVES, CHAIRS AND BROOMS! FOR HOME, FOR FAMILY, FOR SANDPOINT!"...only for Rico to stop up short and choke and cough out a huge chunk of beef bone.

    "Fpwweehhhh! STUPID!"

    Even as she yells chokes, she crests through the crowd, not towards the one visible goblin which apparently that outlander pugilist is already covering, but rather for where the scream came from. At her side, she spits and grates with a grin, "Redddd, just like old times, you know what to do, eh? Setsuna, y'see the old priest and the nobles near 'im? They might need some safeguarding. Or y'could stick with us, take the left flank, Red takes the right?"


    Actions: Intimidate the crowd into order: (1d20+6)[7] <---CRAP.
    Move: Move to wherever the scream came from. SURELY it ain't just the one goblin.
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