HP 14/14
AC 18

0: Stabilize, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Guidance
1: Bless, Summon Monster I, Shield of Faith, Protection from Evil

Channel Energy: IIIII

The sudden screams and tumult, followed by Sirus's lightning-fast bolting after an unseen enemy left Cipriano baffled for a moment. They were under attack, that much was for certain, so the young man reacted accordingly. His right hand dove to the hilt of his rapier, and the left rose to his throat, where the carved oak symbol of Cayden Cailean's fate hung. His rapier unsheathed with an almost melodious ting, the well-maintained blade glistening in the afternoon sunlight. The leather strap holding the holy symbol around his neck gave way as the left hand yanked the symbol free.

"Cayden, the sword that defends the defenseless, guide our blades and steel our hearts against thy enemies", the young cleric prayed. The rush of divine strength surged through his body and around him, a glisten of electric blue touching drawn blades and arcing on leather and steel.

Casted Bless: every ally within 50ft. of Cipriano gains +1 bonus on attack rolls and saving throws against fear effects.

Good for 20 rounds.