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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    GM Post

    Goblin's rolls:
    Reflex: (1d20+2)[16]
    Intiative: (1d20+6)[8]
    Attack: (1d20+3)[15]
    Damage: (1d4+1)[3]

    The goblin, pleased with itself, simply sits there giggling madly and fails to notice Sirus approaching until the very last second. With a squeak of alarm, it whirls to face him, teeth bared as it stabs downwards with a wicked-looking homemade blade. Fortunately, the goblin's blade sinks into the ground by Sirus's foot, missing him entirely.

    Too busy trying to yank its knife out the ground, Sirus' subsequent onslaught takes the little critter by surprise, his hands smashing downwards onto its skull in quick succession. The goblin drops to the ground at Sirus' feet almost instantly - unconscious - its mouth still frozen in an ugly grin.


    The celebration has quickly degenerated into chaos. Goblins have appeared from nowhere and they quickly swarm the town square with cries of excitement, waving their little dogslicer knives in the air. Despite Rico's valiant efforts, nobody is listening to her - those who do turn to look at the watchlady simply run all the faster. For those who look, Father Zantus has vanished from the podium and can be spotted sprinting towards a bunch of terrified townsfolk, one of his hands glowing with divine light.

    Closer to the rest of you, a pack of three goblins have spotted a table still piled with food and they make for it with unmistakable delight. The greediest of the lot quickly claws his way to the top and begins stuffing his mouth and pockets with salmon, heedless of the tiny bits of fish flesh flying everywhere. The second one, much shorter, hops up and down on the ground, clamouring for his share and shaking the table leg. The third turns to glance at all of you, giving what can only be a goblin smirk. It cackles while brandishing its dogslicer.

    Initiative Rolls:
    Sirus: (1d20+4)[5]
    Cipriano: (1d20+2)[12]
    Setsuna: (1d20+4)[13]
    Red: (1d20+5)[21]
    Rico: (1d20+1)[3]

    Goblins to power of 3:
    Gob1: (1d20+6)[23]
    Gob2: (1d20+6)[20]
    Gob3: (1d20+6)[23]

    Initiative Order:
    23 - Greedy Goblin (Gob1)
    23 - Smirking Goblin (Gob3)
    21 - Red
    20 - Goblin too short to climb table (Gob2)
    13- Setsuna
    12 - Cipriano
    5 - Sirus
    3 - Rico (still holding a table)


    Goblin 1

    The first goblin is still too preoccupied with jamming as much food as it can into its pockets that it merely gives the lot of you an idle glance before continuing to scrape furiously the bowls on the table.


    Goblin 3

    The smirking goblin runs a mottled tongue over its chipped teeth, laughing as it looks first at Rico, then at Setsuna. Deciding that the girl looks like much easier prey, it dashes towards Setsuna. "Goblins Chew and Goblins Bite!" It shouts with relish in a high-pitched cackle.

    Goblin 3:
    Attack: (1d20+3)[10]
    Damage: (1d4+1)[4]

    For all it's bravado, the smirking goblin makes a vicious cut at Setsuna's shins that goes wide - looks like this goblin won't be biting anyone just yet.


    HP 20/20

    Red glances with concern at Rico, though to her inner relief the surly half-orc seems none worse for the wear despite choking on that beef bone. In fact, Rico seems to be about as pleased as a duck taking to water after a long dry spell. That could only be a good thing. As for the rest of the town though...

    She tries to look out for Father Zantus but can't see him all in the confusion. Alerted to the goblin slashing at Setsuna's legs by its war-cry, Red's heart skips a beat at the sudden sight of the creature. She instinctively draws her kukris and slashes downwards with one of them. "Look out!" she calls hoarsely.

    Move from F8 to F7
    Melee Attack: (1d20+7)[14] (+5 for kukri, +2 flanking)

    In her haste, Red's kukri clips the edge of the goblin's cap and does no damage, leaving her to grit her teeth and curse unintelligibly in Varisian.


    Goblin 2

    The little beast stops shaking the table leg and turns to face Cipriano, unwilling to leave the shelter of the table, but sniggering unpleasantly all the while. "Goblins Cut and Goblins Fight. Come'n get me, longshanks!"

    It is now Setsuna's turn


    Battle Map
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