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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    Setsuna, Blessed
    HP 16/16
    AC 16

    Hearing the woman's scream is enough to cause Setsuna to ready her katana, though before she can locate the source of it she's set upon by a smirking goblin.

    She glares at the thing contemptuously, More goblins? I can't believe this, do they have to ruin everything?!

    She swiftly moves her hand across the blade, imbuing it with arcane power as she focuses on performing two strikes in quick succession that are meant to kill the monstrous beast.


    Initial attack : (1d20+6)[8]
    Spellstrike atk: (1d20+6)[26]
    Concentration: (1d20+5)[22]
    Damage (1st) : (1d6)[1]
    Damage (2nd) : (1d6)[4]
    OOC: Using the Arcane Pool to boost the sword to a +1 for 1 minute. Casting Arcane Mark Defensively using spell combat and spellstrike to go Zorro on the goblin in addition to the standard hit. Second attack only works if I beat a DC 16 Concentration check. Two quick slashes and tattooing it with the Minkanian word for "monster" via Arcane Mark is my goal.

    Edit: Critical threat on the second hit:
    Confirmation: 10
    Damage: 1
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