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    Default Re: (PF) Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings IC

    Rico, Blessed, Raging
    HP 22/22
    AC 13/19 (-2 Armour, -2 Charge, -2 Rage)

    Inebriated and maddened,
    Rico rushes full into the flow
    Of mad melee and bloodletting's play
    Demon-girl beside her lays low one raiding beast
    Lance-like, Rico takes the chance
    And charges with her table-targe
    With her wrathful might, right at those beside the... other table
    But a tiny part of her digs its heels into her mind's rut
    A tiny voice, saying, "They're just eating!"
    "Guilty, Aye... But Leniency!"

    A threat is a threat and battle is battle
    Asmodeus' arse knows when where the vanguard crows
    Soon a horde is soon to lord...


    Rage Str + Charge + Flank (?) + Bless
    Str check
    (1d20+6)[18] (+4 because of Size difference?)
    [chief's coverage.]
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