Ok, since brutal strikes is a bit confusing here is a couple of examples

A guy starts out as a wizard and eventually wants to go into lets say Eldrith knight.

he starts with 1d4 brutal strike damage advances to 4th level as a wizard and picks up another 1d4 brutal strike damage, well he needs 3rd level spells and all martiail weapon profs to qualify for a EK, so he goes 1 more level in wizard and then he takes his first level in Fighter, but as he is only a 6th level character, he dos not get the 1d8 brutal strike damage die, he needs to take 2 more levels in fighter to get teh 8th level bonus brutal strike damage die, and so he ends up going to fighter 3 to pick up that 1d8 brutal strike damage. so at level 8 he has 2d4+1d8 brutal damage die.

alternatively he could have started as a fighter an gotten than 1d8 right off the bat. you only gain brutal strike damage at you very first level and at every 4th level. so in a ways it like a combination of the X4 skill points and ability increases. YOu get a brutal damage die for every 4th level and you also get a die at 1st level, not 1st level in any class your very first level.

I hope this clearifies some things

and these version of great fortitude, iron will, and lightning reflexes are menta to repalce a duo of feats Great fortitude+endurance in the case of my great fortitude, and dodge+lightning reflex for my version of lightning reflexes.

I know that some of these are rips form 'epic' classes but I mean seriously none of those abilities scream to me 'EPIC' these are thnigs that I think a fighter should just be able to do. when you look wta what they gave 'epic; mundane (if there an be called such a thing) and then you look at what they are supposed to be competting against ( epic spells and those sweet epic abiities) id say the entire dreadnaught class is a JOKE! it shooul dhave been condesed down to a 5 level PrC and made availbe at 10th level.

just take a look at what 5-7th level spells and abilities can do then compare untoppabel, unmoveaable and the like to what those can do. and you'll see what I mean.

2nd widn is not there for the healing aspect but more for the status effect removall, the HP is BUt thanks for catching something is supoed to be 2(con+level) not 2con+level not a huge difference but a nice one,

with fortification you are just negating the critical, i'll clearify that

the reason why i require BAB on a lot fo thngs is most of the feast here are easily replicated and often times more superior in spell form. so the 'weight' of having a full BAB means you get to do nice things more often than others.

oh and by half the bonus. that for when the fighters uses that ability to get a save on a spell that does not allows a save, he only gets half the bonus from the feat. those last 2 snetaces should be better connected I guess LOL.