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    Default Re: Ecology of the Rust Monster Re-imagined [3.5 monsters]

    Thanks for the comments! I will admit, I hadn't really thought this aspect of it through completely. I've edited above to address your questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Cookie View Post
    You mention that Rust Monsters (And presumably Monarchs) turn into metal statues.

    What metal, exactly? Is it just an amalgamation of all the metal it has eaten, in a partuicular length of time or something else? How much of the Metal it has eaten will "become" the statue?
    First, I don't think I communicated what I was thinking well enough. In my mind, they turn into empty metal rust monster husks much like cicadas do after they molt. The metal would be very, very thin and brittle. The husk is composed of iron, primarily. I don't know how much exactly, but I'll think about it and clarify later. I have yet to complete the arcanoeconomics section, which will have information about possible economic uses of rust monsters and their body parts as components and commodities.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Cookie View Post
    Can a Rust Creature consume other metals, such as Silver, Gold or Mithral?
    Yes. According to the SRD, rust monsters prefer ferrous metals but can consume metal of any type.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Cookie View Post
    If so, and you theorecticaly kept a Rust Monster and fed it such a metal for it's entire life, how much of the metal you feed be recoverable, as either the statue or in... waste products?
    Not much is the answer. But I'll elaborate on that when I get around to the arcanoeconomics section.
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