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    Default Re: Feat Chains- THF, SnB, Reach, & Single-Weapon [PEACH]

    Wow, it's only been a little over a month since I last updated; glad to know my speed maintaints it usual languid pace.

    Anywho, Single-handed weapon style is FINALLY up. Its purposefully short because I wanted it to be appealing to classes without a ton of extra feats (mainly bard and it's ilk). Since the style doesn't really have the inherent defense or damage of the other options, I tried to compensate somewhat by giving it some good alternatives, but I worry I might have overshot on that last feat.

    So let me know how you think it stacks up both as a whole and as compared to the rest of the styles.

    Quote Originally Posted by PairO'Dice Lost View Post
    Perhaps if they imposed a penalty to the opponent's attacks instead of increasing their own AC? The main concern is to not bog down combat by adding an extra roll to every attack against the tank.
    Ok, I've rewritten the effect (for like, the 4th Tiamat-damned time now) to hopefully incorpate my love of dice-rolling in a way that does not bog down combat. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amoren View Post
    (Two-Weapon Fighting)
    Also, I might recommend shifting the secondary 'boon' from two-weapon fighting and improved two-weapon fighting around. Of course getting both hand attacks on a standard is important, but its probably best to not make dex-based two-weapon fighters wait for three levels until they can start using rapiers or longswords competently, especially if its important to their concept. And it makes sense that learning how to make two accurate strikes in the same amount of time as one would be a trait that took more time to learn than how to accurate swing a sword based off of dexterity.
    I took another look, and for now I'm leaving the feats as is. I think since the prerequisite is Dex OR BAB, they could always get that at first level if they built for it, but I've lowered the Prereq for the very first feat in the chain anyway.
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